Waiting, part one million

Because we don’t preg check our ewes and goats, we don’t have exact due dates for any of the animals. We know when we put the ram and the buck in with our girls, and have calculated the range from that, and now all we are left with is a waiting game. We are in the period of possibility, but no one has dropped any babies yet. Every day I feel my anxiety growing, and the urge to race out to the barn and check keeps getting stronger. I keep dreaming about the lambs._IGP1712.jpg

It feels like there is more at stake this year, in regards to catching the births. It’s fucking cold out, and if we don’t find the babies soon enough, they might just freeze. High stakes. Last year it was warm, sweatshirt weather even, and this year we are getting buried in February snow, negative temp nights. _IGP1750.jpg

Waiting waiting waiting.

_IGP1732 3.jpg

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