love lasagna: a winter blues recipe

last night I made this incredible lasagna that really nourished my sensitive stomach and sore heart!! I have no pictures of it because we devoured it, but wanted to share something that brought me joy. so here it goes.

  1. grab a loved one to help you cook.
  2. SQUASH. Roast a butternut in the oven until it’s soft and creamy. take the skin off and mash in your free time.
  3. TOMATOES. get started with the sauce. grab a few jars that were canned in august, open em, take a big whiff of summer. Sauté chopped garlic in some coconut oil, add the toms. sprinkle in herbs as you like, but don’t doctor too much. the tomatoes carry themselves. leave simmering.
  4. LAMB. i hope you took the ground lamb out of the freezer earlier, because I didn’t, and mixing the spices in by hand is COLD. Sprinkle in a little smoked paprika and cumin, but again, don’t overdo it. Let the lamb speak for itself. Toss in a hot cast-iron with some coconut oil in it; brown it up good. Don’t stir it so much it loses all shape– we like those chunks of meat. Set aside.
  5. NOODS. Boil up some water in your biggest pot, throw the lasagna noodles in. Cook until almost done? al dente? and remove from the water, let cool on a pan or something.
  6. CHEESE. This is a two parter.
    1. Take a thing of ricotta and mix it up with the butternut squash. mash your feelings into the squash. it won’t mind.
    2. whip up a quick roux sauce. melt some butter in a small saucepan, when its bubbling, add a large pinch of flour. whisk and let it brown a little, then slowly add heavy cream as you keep whisking and it thickens. other great things to add are whole milk and shredded cheese, of any kind. make it your own. you want it thick but pourable.
  7. ASSEMBLE. Now you have all your layers ready. watch this video to get in the proper mood. The order I assembled my layers in goes: tomato sauce, noodles, butternut/ricotta, lamb (sprinkled), tomato sauce, noodles, butternut/ricotta, lamb, tomato sauce, noodles, CREAM SAUCE ON TOP.
  8. BAKE. Between 30-45 minutes at 375? with an ish? Bake until the cheese is bubbling and browning.
    1. While you wait, use your leftover lasagna noodles to mop up the end of the cream sauce and tomato sauce pots. this is your reward for making a thing.
    2. Also while you wait, tell someone you love them. february is the longest shortest month. don’t let it win.
  9. SERVE. my preferences are to serve with flaky salt, nutritional yeast, shaky parmesan, and cholula. any and all toppings are good.

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