March is Shitty Feel Better Soup // make something with your final storage veggies soup

I’ve been trying to get on an every Monday posting schedule, but I got flattened by a cold this weekend and had LOVELY lovely visitors, so today I am posting the soup I made because the outdoors looks like this:IMG_20180305_133326901_HDR.jpg

Brief farm update: We are up to 38 lambs, I think, and Jag had triplets last night!

IMG_20180305_105817936IMG_20180305_105825834They are so stupid and cute I love them. This little girl looks JUST like the buck (below).


Veggies you still have on hand in March. Mine included:
sweet potato
carrots (those icky baby ones that take too long to chop)
canned tomaters

some kind of stock/broth option
beans (canned or presoaked)
cumin, coriander, bay leaves, salt, pepper, mustard seed, paprika
all your sorrows and worries (don’t worry, they dissipate in the steam)

Preparation is pretty straightforward. Sauté chopped sweet potato, adding chopped onions, garlic, and carrots after a few minutes. Cook for 5, then add stock and canned maters and spices. Add beans (rinsed and drained). Stir in your sorrows slowly, lean in for a little steam facial. Simmer for a dang while, as long as you can stand. Throw in chopped cabbage at the end.


Serve with the dairy product of your choice.